How to fix canon printer offline

Canon Printer offline issues are the most common errors which impact printing job process.A simple updates or misconfiguration may cause to pop up this issue.Wired or wireless configured printer connectivity issues are the prime cause of Canon Printer offline.Printer users mostly does not know “how to get Canon Printer Online.when your Canon Printer says offline there’s no way you cannot communicate with your device to send print job,This is an akward situation while you are in the middle of a project



How to connect canon printer to wifi mg2950

WPS access point Wireless Set up Methods

  • Make sure that the printer is turned on.
  • Press and hold the [Wi-Fi ] button on the top of the printer
  • until the orange alarm lamp flashes
  • Once you see Wi-Fi button starts to flash blue
  • Go to your access point and press and Hold the “WPS”
  • button within 1 minute



How to connect canon printer to wifi

Here’s How you can connect your Canon Printer to wifi


  • Make sure your printer is wired with your device with an ethernet cable to access point.
  • Check the if your Canon Printer has got installation CD
  • You can install the drivers in 2 ways
  • You can install the drivers in 2 ways:
    a. you can use the installation CD can you download the compatible drivers from a Canon Official website
  • Connect your printer to the access point of internet
  • Check your device and printer network on the same access point
  • If your device is connect to another network change it to the same access point as your printer is connected with.



How to connect canon mx490 printer to wifi

Canon Pixma mx490 Printer is one of the most finest feature in the Printer Industry.Canon Pixma Wireless printer is one of the best printer friendly device and it gives a smooth and high quality printing experience.

Here’s tips on how you can connect Canon Mx490 to wifi steps to confugure wireless printer:

   Before Starting Wireless Connection Setup

  • make sure power of the printer is on
  • Check your internet connection to “wireless router”
  • See the set up button sign on the printer LED screen
  • Press the set up sign
  • Next step is to use right and left arrow key button to locate Wireless Lan Setup feature
  • Once you are able to locate Wireless Lan Setup Key.Press OK
  • Once you are able to locate Wireless Lan Setup Key.Press OK
  • Printer will search for available “wireless Network” to the internet
  • Search Result would display the avaliable access point on the screen
  • Press WPS button ,In some cases it shows Wireless LAN setup
  • Follow the WPS method on the router to set PIN
  • Once you put the WPS Access Point PIN or Password,Your printer is configured and ready to printer.



How to Fix Canon Printer Offline Windows 10

One day you sit to print an important projcet without knowing that your printer went offline and when you are printing you get a pop up window saying “Your Printer is offline”.This can be a frustrating moment for any printer users who’s not aware of this havoc situation in the middle of the task.When you get Printer Offline error for Canon Printer offline or unable to fix any Canon Printer error ,The very first thing your should follow is to check for any windows update or If you recently bought windows 10 pc or upgraded from windows 7 or 8 to windows 10 , It is obvious that you may encounter Printer offline error and it can mess up your printing job